Vershina Development

The Russian company Vershina Development specialises in the development, design, construction and management of photovoltaic solar energy projects.

Four solar power plants work in the Astrakhan Region which were built in association with Core Value Capital, Green Source Consulting with Gildemeister as the main contractor. They are Volodarovka, Yenotayevka, Elista Severnaya and  Mikhailovskaya.

Total generation capacity managed by the group of companies reached 60 MW as of mid-2019. Facilities wtih a capacity of 75 MW are under construction in Siberia inlcuding the Orlovskiy and Balei in Zabaikalsky Region and Tarbagatai, Kabanskaya, BVS in the republic of Buryatia.

The company uses wafers of Russian producer Solar Silicon technologies for its projects.

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