Tina River Hydropower – hydropower plant – Solomon Islands, 2024

Sep 27, 2019 – A series of crucial final agreements have been signed to bring the start of construction closer on the long-awaited Tina River Hydropower Development Project in Solomon Islands, including agreements related to the funding support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the amount of USD30 mln.

The Tina River Hydropower plant is to be constructed on the Tina River, a tributary of the Ngalimbiu River on the northern Solomon Island of Guadalcanal. The Ngalimbiu flows to the Iron Bottom Sound about 15 kilometers east of the capital Honiara.

The planned Tina River Hydropower Project, when up and running, is expected to significantly reduce the cost of electricity for Solomon Islanders. It is also expected to dramatically reduce Solomon Islands’ greenhouse gas emissions – and cut Solomon Islands’ reliance on expensive diesel petrol for energy in favor of clean, renewable sources. It is expected to shift Honiara’s grid from 3% renewable in 2017 to 68% at the time the project is commissioned.

The feasibility study was carried out in 2010. After a series of optimizations and two significant geotechnical studies, the preferred option was identified and confirmed in November 2013. The proposal is for a single power station with three turbines, each with a capacity of 5-8 MW.

The project is financed by the Asian Development Bank, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), the Australian Government, Green Climate Fund, the Korea-EX-IM Economic Development Cooperation Fund, and World Bank Group. The agreement on providing USD30 mln by the Asian Development Bank was signed in September 2019. 

Construction on the access road to the Tina River Hydro site is expected to begin in early 2020, commissioning of the project is expected in 2024.

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