Clean energy and resources in SwedenThe Kingdom of Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, with a capital in Stockholm, a member of the European union. The state is divided into 21 counties.

Sweden’s renewable energy policy

At the 2015 UNO General Assembly the prime minister of Sweden Stephan Leuven announced the government’s plan to turn the country into an economy which needs no fossil fuel and to invest SEK4.5 bln (USD540 mln) in the development of clean energy in 2016: additional solar panels and wind turbines, smart public transport, the national energy storage and transmission systems. Additional SEK500 mln (USD 60 mln) will be disbursed annually for R&D in energy storage and SEK1 bln (USD120 mln) for making residential buildings more energy efficient. SEK500 mln (USD60 mln) will be spent for renewable energy project in developing countries.

The government of Sweden plans to stop using nuclear energy in the foreseeable future as the country’s nuclear power plants are old and also in order to promote the renewable energy market.

Wind energy in Sweden

As of late 2015 there were about 3,100 wind turbines operating in Sweden.

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