Ørsted, partners secure UK government funding for hydrogen project

Aug 29, 2019 – A consortium of European companies comprising Danish energy producer Ørsted, British hydrogen solutions developer ITM Power, and energy market consultant Element Energy have secured funding from the UK government for the Gigastack feasibility study, a six-month project to investigate the potential delivery of bulk, low-cost and zero-carbon hydrogen.

“The aim of the project is to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of producing hydrogen through the process of electrolysis, making it a more viable option for the UK’s energy system and for decarbonizing industry,” Ørsted said in a statement.

In Phase One (feasibility), ITM Power will develop the designs and finalize the material requirements to deliver a low-cost 5MW hydrogen-producing stack. ITM Power will also refine concepts to maximize the throughput of the proposed semi-automated manufacturing facility to meet the demands of bulk hydrogen supply. Ørsted will investigate potential synergies between offshore wind farms and electrolyzers to identify scenarios that can provide affordable electricity and a sufficient load factor to allow economic operation of the electrolyzers. Finally, Element Energy will conduct a market analysis of potential end-users, explore business models for the operation of large electrolyzers in the energy system and define a roll-out strategy for the first 100MW electrolyzers, ITM Power said.

In Phase Two, the 5MW stack would be built and tested both in-house and in a representative wind-hydrogen scenario. Construction of the semi-automated manufacturing facility would also begin. Finally, the business case for large electrolyzers would be refined, enabling commercialization.