Northwind — offshore wind farm — 216 MW, Belgium, 2014

NorthwindIn 2006 Colruyt Group (a shareholder of the present Northwind project’s operating company, Parkwind NV) together with Belgian Aspiravi Group established Eldepasco NV project which landed a concession to build an offshore wind farm on the Lodewijkbank near the coast of Belgium. In 2011 the project was renamed Northwind, the construction started in 2013.

Offshore wind farm Northwind located 37 km off the Belgian coast on the Lodewijkbank was commissioned by Parkwind NV in May 2014. The renewable energy object with a total capacity of 216 MW (enough for 250,000 households) comprises 72 Vestas V112 wind turbines 3 MW each and covers the area of 14.5 sq km.

Aspiravi Group owns a 40% shareholding in the project.

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