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Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz is a trade mark of Daimler AG, one of the world’s leading producers of luxury automobiles, based in Germany.

Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH, Li-Tec Battery GmbH

In 2009 Daimler AG together with innovation materials maker Evonik Industries AG established Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH, a facility to produce lithium-ion batteries for EVs and HEVs under the Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands. Presently the company is a 100% branch of Daimler. Its R&D base is located in the German city of Nabern, the productive facility is in Kamenz. It started manufacturing batteries in 2012.

Daimler AG also bought a stake in Germany’s leading Li-Ion producer Li-Tec and later transformed it into another branch Li-Tec Battery GmbH.

Mercedes-Benz Energystorage GmbH

Mercedes-Benz Energystorage GmbH is a division of Daimler AG created in respond to the market’s need for commercial and residential battery storage systems. In 2015 the company announced its own home energy storage solution to compete TeslaMercedes Energy Storage. The storaging batteries are made at the same Daimler’s facility where car batteries are made – Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH.

Relations of Daimler AG and Tesla Motors

In April 2010 Daimler AG acquired a 10% stake in Tesla Motors Inc. The companies used to be strategic partners that time and had close relations. 1 000 first EVs made by Daimler featured batteries made by Tesla. Vice-president of Daimler AG future mobility division Professor Herbert Kohler also joined Tesla’s board of directors.

In late 2014 Daimler AG sold out the last 4% of its share in Tesla Motors Inc. with USD780 mn, as the companies became strong competitors.

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