Medvedev: Russia’s solar panels owners can pay no tax from power sales until 2029

Aug 15, 2019 – The development of renewable energy is important for Russia, the government is considering a bill on tax incentives for owners of up to 15 kWh home power systems who will sell extra power to the grid until 2029, PRIME news agency reported quoting Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The government will discuss adjustments to the Taxation Code, the official added.

“We are talking about facilities with a capacity of not more than 15 kilowatts, these are usually solar panels or small wind stations in private homes. If these devices produce more than the owner needs, and this is quite possible, then the excess can be sold to the public grid. After the law id adopted, income from such sales will not be subject to personal income tax until January 1, 2029. This is a sufficient period for micro-generation in the country to work,” Medvedev said.

“Many states now strive to reduce the use of traditional fuels and transit to renewables. This is important for us as well,” he added.