Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G): Network power storage in EV batteries

The Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology enables the collection and distribution of electricity between EVs and the grid to intelligently balance demand and supply of energy and make better use of renewable sources.

The development of these charging functions will integrate electric vehicles further with existing power networks, allowing energy stored in the vehicle battery to power the home, or to flow back into the energy grid during periods of high demand. The vehicle battery can then be replenished at a time when demand is lower, subject to limits defined by the user.

When vehicles are connected to charging infrastructures, it creates an additional surge in power demand from the grid at some periods of the day. Smart management of charging via the V2G charging points can enable electric cars to support the management of the grid, supplying services intended to meet the needs for system flexibility. The capacity supplied by electric cars can help stabilize the grid and, at the same time, reduce the total cost of ownership of the car itself, thanks to the economic benefit deriving from the provision of these services to the grid.

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