Renewable energy in ItalyItaly is a country in Southern Europe with the capital in Rome, a member of the European union. Administratively Italy is divided into 20 regions comprising 110 provinces.

Solar energy in Italy

The country is among the world’s solar power generation leaders. As of late 2015, Italy ranked third in the world after Germany and China in terms of installed solar (PV) capacity which totaled 18 GW (9% of all energy produced).

Geothermal energy in Italy

Italy-based Enel Green Power is one of the pioneers in the field of geothermal energy. In 1904 Italian Prince Piero Ginori Conti made numerous experiments to produce energy from steam in Tuscany. in 1913 the debut geothermal power plant in the world was launched in Larderello, and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013.

Presently Enel Green Power operates a complex of geothermal energy plants with a total capacity of 769 MW, also located in Tuscany.

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