Floating solar technologies

Floating solar, or floatovoltaics, are PV solar facilities mounted on structures that float on water, usually an artificial basin or a lake. As floating solar farms rely on a water base rather than land, they can be put in a variety of locations to save valuable space and make the most of excess and unused water bodies.

Floating solar technologiesZero land costs, easier grid connection, and reduction in algae growth are among the technology’s benefits.

Floating solar market

In 2014-2018, the deployment of floating solar grew more than hundredfold, surpassing the milestone of 1 GW in September 2018 with over 200 facilities installed globally. Although the vast majority of deployments are currently limited to Asia with 800 MW of overall installations, the technology is starting to make waves in Europe as well with various multi-megawatt projects in the pipeline.

Ciel et Terre and Sungrow are presently the world’s ultimate leaders in the segment of floating solar with an aggregate share of almost 90% by the number of such projects and over 90% in terms of aggregate capacity.

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