IKEA to start using EVs for goods deliveries in Moscow in 2019

Sep 25, 2019 – Swedish home goods retailer IKEA will begin a pilot project of deliveries in Moscow using electric vehicles, RBC news agency quoted IKEA Russia CEO Pontus Erntell as saying.

“In late autumn and early winter of 2019, we plan to start a pilot project in Moscow to organize goods deliveries to customers, the so-called ‘last mile deliveries’, using EVs. The project will be scaled further as we see the results,” Erntell said.

Deliveries at the IKEA Teply Stan mall will begin in November-December 2019 using two EVs, goods will be transported to customers within a radius of 30 kilometers. EV charging stations will be accordingly installed at the mall. After the pilot project is over, a similar delivery service is planned for the IKEA Khimki store.