Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a huge transnational company with headquarters in Japan, making cars, aircraft, power equipment.

Honda electric vehicles (EV)

Honda presented the Honda e electric car model prototype at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019, and the mass production version was unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 2019. 

The company also showed its first EV hybrid SUV CR-V Hybrid at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 2019. Sales of the model had started earlier in 2019. 

In September 2019, the company announced its plans to electrify 100% of its European automobile sales by 2025.

EV charging

In September 2019, Honda planned to launch the Power Charger system that can be wall or pedestal mounted, with a maximum output of 7.4kW (single phase power supply) or 22kW (three phase power supply). 

Self-driving option by Honda

Honda plans to release its self-driving car by 2020 and has been testing one in San Francisco since March 2015. So far the company has announced the development of different driver assistance semi-autonomous features like lane-keeping assist and forward-collision warning or driver super-vision in augmented reality.

Energy storage

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G): Network power storage in EV batteries

In September 2019, Honda presented a Honda Power Manager Prototype a V2G bidirectional system that connects electric vehicles to a smart power grid. The company had developed this technology with bi-directional charging specialists EVTEC. Trial activity of this technology will continue before future commercialisation in the early 2020s.

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