Group of companies Hevel (earlier known as Hevel Solar) is a Russian producer of PV solar panels and operator of PV power facilities.

The company was established in 2009 by multi-industry holding Renova Group (51%) and state-owned nanotechnology company Rusnano. In August 2018, Ream Management of Russian businessman Mikhail Sivoldayev, Renova’s former top manager, acquired 5% stake in Hevel from Renova. In January 2019, Rusnano closed the deal to sell off its stake to Ream to boost Ream’s shareholding to 54%.

PV panels production

Hevel owns a plant for production of PV solar panels which is located in the city of Novocheboksarks of Russia’s Chuvash Republic and is the center of the so-called Solar Valley (or “Hevel Ailame” in the Chuvash language). The facility uses techbnologies of Swiss Oerlikon, which is majorly held by Renova.

This is the first in Russia full-cycle production plant of the kind, it reached its projected capacity in spring 2015. In July 2017, the company doubled the output to 160 MW annually. In 2018, the output increased to 170 MW annually, and may be additionally raised to 260 MW soon.

The company also controls a research and development center at the Ioffe Physics and Technology Institute in St. Petersburg which is developing own solar power technologies.

In April 2019, Hevel started retail sales of solar panels and installation of the panels on roofs of individual houses.

Distributed Generation investment program

Hevel implements the Distributed Generation investment program whose pilot project is the construction of an energy storage facility at the Kosh-Agachskaya solar power plant in Russia’s republic of Altai. Another direction is the development of a technology to build floating solar power plants.

Investment in the first stage of the program amounts to over 1050 mln rubles.

Hevel’s operations in Kazakhstan

In June 2019, Hevel’s subsidiary made several deals to expand the project portfolio in Kazakhstan to 178 MW through acquisition of rights for construction of the Nura plant, the 4.95 MW Sarybulak solar power plant, and the 3 MW Kapchagay solar power plant. Launches of all the plants are scheduled for 2020

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