EVs may get priority lane on Russian roads in 2020

Sep 17, 2019 – Electric cars may legislatively be allowed to use the priority lane on Russian roads from 2020, according to an initiative of national advanced transport promoter Autonet NTI, a representative of the authority told RIA Novosti news agency. 

Experts estimate that on average, the owner of a car with an internal combustion engine spends about 45-60 minutes on the way from home to work. Electric car drivers will be able to cover the distance 25-30% faster, 

“We have repeatedly stated that in order to stimulate the growth of sales of electric vehicles, it is necessary to give preferences to potential buyers. Such benefits will include not only access to the public transport lane but also the opportunity to use toll roads at reduced rates, free parking, tax benefits, and other initiatives. It should apply not only to electric vehicles but also to any other type of green transport,” the person said.

“Electric vehicles may be allowed to enter the priority lane already in 2020. We will announce the full list of all legislative changes on October 11 at the Autonet international forum,” they added.