Envision wind turbines

Envision wind turbine generatorChina-based Envision is among the world’s biggest wind turbine producers. It offers a range of both onshore and offshore wind energy generating turbines with a capacity of 1.5 to 4.0 MW.

Onshore wind turbines

Envision wind turbines have different capacities, rotor diameters, IEC class, and reference turbulence intensity. Models for each project are chosen basing on the site’s conditions.

The company offers the following onshore wind turbines (capacity – rotor diameter): Envision 1,5-93, Envision 1,8-106, Envision 2.1-110, Envision 2.2-110, Envision 2.3-110, Envision 2.3-115, Envision 3.0-120, Envision 4.0-130, Envision 4.0-136.

Offshore wind turbines

Envision 4.0 MW

The reliable and stable Envision 4.0-130 and Envision 4.0-136 models have been developed by the company’s R&D specially for China’s offshore wind power sector. They utilize LIDAR wind measurement for smart control technology which, together with the advanced design, make them 20% more efficient than similar products, according to the company’s information.

Two-bladed Envision Game Changer 3.6 MW

Envision Game Changer wind turbineThe company’s cutting-edge product which may become a benchmark for the future of the whole industry: two-bladed offshore wind turbine Envision Game Changer 3.6 MW. This is the first wind power generator ever able to survive under the typhoon conditions. The model’s prototype has been tested for two years in Denmark.





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