Angara, Edgardo — Senator of Philippines

Edgardo AngaraEdgardo Angara is an educator, lawyer, banker and the longest-serving senator of the Senate of the Philippines (elected four times for six-year terms).

Senator Angara’s political career started in 1971 when he was first elected in Quezon province as a delegate the Constitutional Convention of the Philippines. A year later he founded ACCRA Law Offices company which later became the country’s leading law services provider. In 1980 he was elected president of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Law Association. In 1981-1987 he served as president of the national University of Philippines.

Senator Angara is widely known as a strong reformer and a supporter of laws vital for the country’s sustainable development including the Free High School Act, the National Health Insurance Act, the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act, and of course the Renewable Energy Act of 2008.

As a proponent of renewable energy Senator often takes part in new object launch events. In March 2016 Mr. Angara led the ceremony of inauguration of solar plant Tarlac with a capacity of 50 MW in the Luzon province. In his message Sen. Angara called for cooperation to expand the renewable energy sector of the country and added that “the Philippines are blessed with a great number of renewable energy sources as well as talented people. All that is needed for the further development of the ecologically clean and climate-friendly energy is state and public support, and additional investment sources.” He also stressed that “electrical power is not just light or Internet connection, but this is the wealth of the future generations. This exact segment of economy will be able to decrease poverty and provide the people of the country with major necessities.”

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