Chinese tech corp to challenge Tesla

LeSEE by LeEco and Faraday FutureApr 20, 2016 – This Wednesday LeEco  and Faraday Future presented at a press conference in China the debut concept of their electric autonomous car project LeSEE Tech insider reported.

The start of production is planned for the next years. The automobile featuring a self-driving mode will be able to accelerate to 130 m/ph (210 km/h).

LeSEE model is specially designed to operate as a fleet vehicle, and its interface is easily adjusted for the needs of multiple users. Each seat is equipped with its own display to watch multimedia content and an audio system.

There also is a LED screen on the front of the car to show necessary information about its status and availability. A user can order it to arrive at a certain place using a smartphone app.

You can find the full original story on Tech Insider’s Web site.