Renewable energy in ChinaChina, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is a country in East Asia and the world’s most populous country. The capital of China is Beijing.

The state controls 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities, and two special administrative regions. China also claims the island of Taiwan and its surrounding islets, including Penghu, as “Taiwan Province”.

China’s renewables market

As of late 2015, China had 18.2 GW of totally installed solar (PV) capacities which accounts at about 0.1% of all the country’s energy production, second after Germany.

According to BNEF, China kept its leading positions in the world in terms of onshore wind energy production with its 29 GW of installed capacities. Almost all China’s wind projects are fully equipped by the local producers: Goldwind, Guodian United Power, Envision and Ming Yang.

China’s renewables market outlook

Coal-fired power production and emissions will peak in 2028 in China while renewables penetration will reach 37%. The state will keep its position of the global leader in terms of the size of the renewable energy market. The share of solar and wind will increase to 48% from the current 8% of China’s total generation by 2050.

Solar energy in China

The state will install a total of 1.3 TW of solar PV by 2050 which will account for 17% of all PV globally.

Wind energy in China

China will install 1.2 TW of wind facilities by 2050 which will account for 35% of all wind globally.

Advanced transport in China

Electric vehicles (EVs) in China

China is still the leader of transition to electric mobility thanks to the aggressive policy of its government. The state’s share in the global EV sales will stand at 48% in 2025, 34% in 2030, and 26% in 2040.

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