Renewable energy in ChinaAs of late 2015 China had 18.2 GW of totally installed solar (PV) capacities which accounts at about 0.1% of all the country’s energy production, second after Germany.

According to BNEF, China kept its leading positions in the world in terms of onshore wind energy production with its 29 GW of installed capacities. Almost all China’s wind projects are fully equipped by the local producers: Goldwind, Guodian United Power, Envision and Ming Yang.

In June 2014 China’s government announced the country’s revolutionary energy strategy which comprises five major concepts:

  • further energy consumption efficiency reforms;
  • diversification of energy supplies;
  • rise of industrial production and improved energy production technologies;
  • development of energy structures and legal reforms necessary for this development;
  • close international cooperation in terms of energy safety concept.

The Chinese government stressed that renewable energy – primarily solar and wind power – are among the country’s top energy priorities.

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