Clean energy in BrazilThe Federative Republic of Brazil is the biggest country in South America in terms of both territory and population, with the capital in the city of Brasília. The federation is composed of 26 states and the capital federal district.

Brazil’s renewables market outlook

Brazil’s rapid growth of the renewable energy market will provide transition from thermal generation. Hydropower will still account for 43% of the energy mix by 2050, but solar and wind capacities will grow significantly.

Brazil’s renewable energy policy

10-year Energy Expansion Plan

In fall 2015 the government of Brazil released an ambitious energy development plan for the next decade till 2024 named 10-year Energy Expansion Plan (Plano Decenal de Expansão de Energia — PDE) designed by the state-owned think-tank EPE.

The document envisages that Brazil will rise its energy production in the next decade 55%, from 132.9 GW in 2014 to 206.4 GW in 2024 with renewable energy capacities surging from 111.3 GW in 2014 to 173.4 GW in 2024 (including hydro energy growing from 89.8 GW to 11 GW, wind energy – from 5 GW to 23.9 GW and solar, biomass and other renewables – from 16.2 GW to 32.6 GW respectively). Ethanol production will increase from the present 29 bn liters in 2014 to 44 bn liters 2024 with an average annual pace of 2.3%.

Wind energy in Brazil

Wind is the fastest-growing energy source in this country. In 2016 Brazil was among top 5 biggest wind energy producers in the world with its installed capacity of 2.6 GW (BNEF). In Aug-Dec 2015 wind energy capacities rose 23% with 56 new wind farms commissioned, according to the Brazilian Energy Trading Chamber.

According to the 10-year governmental energy expansion plan, 23.9 GW of wind capacities are to be installed by 2024 which will account to 11% of the energy consumption. Contracts for more than a half of this amount had already been concluded by mid-2016. Investments are planned at BRL60 bn (about USD20 bn) in the next three years.

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