Belgium: Limburg province

Renewable energy in Belgian province LimburgLimburg is one of ten Belgium‘s provinces, it is located in northeastern part of the country, with the administrative center in Hasselt.

Limburg’s renewables market

Renewable sources provide energy totaling about one third of Limburg’s energy consumption, the share is planned to rise to at least 50% by 2020.

Limburg’s renewable energy policy

In 2001 Limburg’s municipalities as well as the Laakdal municipality of the Antwerpen province established holding company Nuhma for investments in sustainable development projects including renewable energy and innovations. Nuhma holds shares in large European renewable energy companies such as C-Power, Aspiravi and Bionerga.

Total action plant (Totaal Actieplan CO2, TACO2)

Action plant TACO2 was created in April 2011 by the government of the Limburg province and investment facility LRM. The plan envisages that the territory must become climate neutral by 2020.