Amazon to buy 100,000 electric vans to become climate neutral by 2040

Sep 20, 2019 – CEO Jeff Bezos has promised that the US company will become fully climate neutral by 2040, and will acquire 100,000 fully electric vans for deliveries from Rivian to achieve the goal, Reuters news agency reported.

Carbon emissions reduction is a challenge for Amazon, which delivers 10 billion products annually. “We know we can do it and we know we have to do it,” Bezos said and added that Amazon will achieve the Paris climate agreement goals 10 years ahead of schedule and will use 100% renewable energy by 2030 as compared with 40% today.

The first electric delivery vans for Amazon will be on the road by 2021, and all 100,000 will be deployed by 2024.

Amazon previously said it would order 20,000 vans from Germany’s Daimler AG. Bezos did not put a total figure Amazon to spend on decarbonization. 

Amazon is among Rivian’s investors.