Accra – water desalination plant – 60 thou m3/d, Ghana, 2015

Water desalination plant Accra, the republic of GhanaThe Accra water disinfection and desalination plant having a capacity of 60 thou cubic meters of water per day operates in the town of Nungua, in the Greater Accra district near the city of Accra – the capital of the Republic of Ghana.The facility utilizes the ultrafiltration (UF) and the reverse osmosis technologies, and is able to provide about 300-500 thou people with clean fresh water. Sea water is pumped to the station via a 450-meter long underwater pipeline.

The project started in 2011 when the government of Ghana authorized Befesa Desalination Development Ghana company to develop a water treatment plant in the capital region as the country lacks clean fresh water a lot. Spanish Abengoa and Japan-based Sojitz Corporation, one of the world’s biggest precious metals seller, were responsible for technical and engineering projecting, Befesa Desalination Developments Ghana (a special purpose vehicle of Abengoa – Abengoa Water Investments Ghana, Daye Water Investment (Ghana) and Hydrocol was the major constructor.

The project was developed under the BOOT (build-operate-own-transfer) mechanism and will be operated by the construction company Abengoa during 25 years. The USD126 mln of investments was provided by South African financial institutions NedBank and Standard Bank.

The construction started in 2012 and finished at the end of 2014, the ceremony of inauguration took place in April 2015, and the official start of commercial operations was in the first trimester of 2015.

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