AbengoaAbengoa (MCE: ABG.B/P SM /NASDAQ: ABGB) is an engineering company founded in Spain and offering a variety of innovative business solutions in different segments of energy and environmental protection market. In the first place these are renewable energy, biofuels and water treatment and disinfection.

Abengoa’s major activities

The company’s activities are related with the three following directions:

  • traditional energy and water treatment engineering. Abengoa has more than 70 years of experience in these fields, it constructs complex turn-key projects for solar thermal plants, solar-gas hybrid plants, conventional generation plants, biofuels plants and water infrastructures, as well as large-scale desalination plants and transmission lines;
  • concession-type infrastructural projects run under long-terms sales agreements such as take-or-pay contracts, tariff contracts or power purchase agreements (PPAs). The company also provides O&M services for solar, wind and hybrid power plants and transmission lines;
  • industrial production of hi-end innovative equipment and components for advanced fuel, water treatment and solar power objects.

Contribution to water treatment sector

One of the company’s main activities is the promotion, construction and operation of large-scale water treatment and disinfection plants around the globe with desalination objects in the first place. The problem of fresh clean water becomes more and more important with the growing lack of this vital resource. There still are very few plants of the kind in the world. Abengoa owns an R&D center and is one of the leaders in the segment. The company has received a plenty of awards in the market.

Abengoa’s international operations

The company has a large portfolio of projects implemented in different countries.

The African continent is among the top working directions. A number of own CSP and water treatment objects as well as those constructed for the third parties were launched in South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Libya, Angola. They provide thousands of local households with clean energy and about 3.5 mln with fresh water.

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